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Everything you need to know about Promotional Mugs sublimation printing

Jul 16

How to get into the custom mug business: Everything you need to know about Mugs sublimation printing

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a topic we often talk about. Sublimation is a versatile technology that allows for product decoration. You can create a digital design or digitize something you have hand drawn. Or, digitally take a photo to permanently imprint it onto a product. You can use it to make mugs, phone cases and bags, as well as keychains, shirts, notebooks and notebooks. Print your logo onto promotional mugs with a dye sublimation printer using special transfer paper. Then heat press the design to transfer. Easy!

But how does Sublimation work?

You may not be able to see the whole picture. Sublimation is a chemical procedure that embeds dyes in polymer surfaces. Although this may sound restrictive, there are many ways substrate manufacturers can embed polymers onto their products. A polymer coating can make sublimatable materials such as wood, glass, ceramics and metal. Sublimated products have seen a rapid growth in the market over the last few years.

Sublimation Science

Sublimation, as it is scientifically defined, is the transformation of matter from a solid into a gas without the matter ever becoming liquid. Sublimation inks, which are liquids, might sound odd. Sublimation inks, however, are not inks. These inks are highly viscous mixtures containing dye solid particles and carrier fluid. Sublimation occurs when dye solids embedded in your transfer media are heated and pressurized.

Heat and pressure combine to open the polymer molecules, allowing the dye solids turn into gas. The dye gases move into the polymers and then close when they cool. As the surface cools, the dye gasses become solid dyes and are encapsulated in it. This is basically dyeing the substrate or, in the case of textiles, the fabric. This will ensure that your high-definition prints are not prone to fading, cracking or washing away.

Sound Too Technical? Don't Stress!

The whole thing may seem complicated or overwhelming. But don't worry. Sawgrass, a manufacturer of fully integrated sublimation systems for printers, handles all the science. You only need to create, print, and press with high quality inks and printers, papers, and substrates. This will ensure that you get the products you desire and can charge premium prices as well as repeat business for your branded mug printing.