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Jul 25

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10 Reasons to hire a professional Real Estate Photographer

How do you as a Realtor respond to a FSBO who thinks your job is easy and says I'll sell it myself? They might get it done but its gonna be ugly. Your seller trusts you to do what's best for them. That does not include you pulling out your fancy iPhone and taking pictures because its "good enough". It doesn't matter if its a $100,000 (when's that last time you saw that in Southern California?) or a Million plus.  

  1. Sell for more $$$$.  Listings photographed by a professional real estate photographer have higher perceived values. They also sell for more money.  Yes and according to the Wall Street Journal, these listings gain up to $116,000 or more at closing time!
  2. First impressions are everything  The first thing 95% of internet home buyers look at is your listing’s front exterior photo.  Studies also show they spend twenty seconds looking at that first exterior photo, before they will look at the other photos and listing details.  Make that 20 seconds count!
  3. Create emotion. An amazing photo will create an emotional response. Emotion = sales.  Buyers are logically (financially) restrained by price, location and square feet. After that, its emotion that ultimately makes their decision to buy their home roughly 80% of the time. 
  4. People are going to look at your listing more  According to a study done by Redfin, listings shot by a professional photographer receive 61% more internet views than other listings.
  5. It saves you time.  Fantastic real estate photos take time not just to compose and shoot. Fantastic home photos take time to edit properly. Realtors shine when they are showing and listing homes. That's what generates you money, NOT taking photos 
  6. They make You and Your Brand look better!  If you as a Realtor are in this for the long haul, you are creating a brand. Don't let an OK iPhone photo give a potential client the wrong impression about you and your brand. Be consistent and hire a local real estate photographer professional to help make your brand and listing shine, every time. 
  7. Get more listings!  Stand out from your competition. Being able to proudly show potential listing clients all the amazing professional photo's of your previous listings helps you stand out of the crowd. Additional media like 360 Tours and or video will help you stand out even more. 
  8. Get more likes!  Great visual content get's more likes on social media , and more likes means more free exposure.  Leverage your posts to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get more referrals.
  9. They just look better.  Just because you own a professional camera doesn't make you a professional photographer. Real Estate Photographers shoot homes for a living. Studying hours and years for the right composition and lighting. A professional real estate photographer can make the average room look amazing.
  10.    Pro Real Estate Photographed Homes Sell Faster.  a Redfin study showed that listings with professional real estate photography photos sell faster. 


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