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Realty In East Hills, New York

Aug 4

After moving from Chicago, Elisabeth first worried that she wouldn't fit in at East Hills, a posh community on Long Island's North Shore.

Because he had grown up there and had business connections there as well, her husband, a real estate developer, wanted to go back. Long Island has a reputation for being more difficult to enter, according to Ms. Karlik. In the end, this was a good choice. When no one else could support me, the best friendships of my life were formed.

The Park at East Hills, a 50-acre village green with amenities, was constructed and played a significant role in uniting the neighborhood. The park's wide range of athletic and recreational options is only one of its numerous features. The 12,000 square foot pool offers a playground for kids of all ages and a 110 foot water slide. Additionally, there are six fields for playing ball and tennis and basketball facilities.

Ms. Karlik went to the park with her kids after shifting to a new region and "meet a ton of mothers," according to her. The pool is quite popular with both people and families with kids in the spring and summer. If you're looking, finding something to become engaged with is not difficult. She changed her children's schedules to include music and sports lessons for their benefit.

Karliks paid little over $1 million for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Country Estates, and they quickly sold it for $1.3 million.

There are speculations that the Karliks are searching for a Norgate property for $1.6 million that has six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and is situated on a third of an acre adjacent to a park.

Alexandra and Oleg were drawn to East Hills because of the large yard, Roslyn public schools, and neighborhood park. They bought it in September from Jamaica Estates, Queens, for $1.2 million. It was a 1955 home with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a completed basement in East Williston, New York. This is amazing, remarked a Queens real estate agent. In general, the locals are quite kind and hospitable. It's a fantastic location for a school. Strangely, it's silent. To me, New York City looks like Pennsylvania.

They relocated to East Hills eight years ago because they could drive there from Merrick, on the south side of Long Island. They discovered a "kind, lovely, loyal group of neighbors," a lawyer claims. We also value the work that our neighbors do to make our neighborhood a better place for everyone to live. This one is a "engaged and involved" group. In the community, which has a private police force and private sanitation staff to maintain order, all street parking is prohibited.

East Hills, especially among professionals and businesses, is "extremely tempting," according to an East Hills real estate broker who also lives there. Due to its placement inside the park, Village Hall attracts young people and keeps a large number of the park's senior citizens, who like playing bridge or exercising in the fitness center, satisfied.

According to Ms. Cohen, "the feeling of community has enhanced" as a consequence of the park and the neighborhood gatherings that take place there. Because of this, "it has turned into a meeting place for people to mingle."

The mayor, who has been in office for the last 20 years, claims that there are no yearly fees for the residents-only park. This year's events include a Halloween "Spooktacular" and a concert with fireworks on July 4. In case of a blackout, the mayor installed a generator in Village Hall. The Italian-tiled locker rooms provide showers and places to charge iPhones.


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Only a tiny fraction of East Hills is beyond the boundaries of the Town of North Hempstead. As you continue west, you'll go via Old Westbury, Albertson, and Greenvale on your route east, Greenvale and Roslyn Harbor on your way north, and Roslyn and Roslyn Heights on your way west. The Long Island Expressway connects western Queens and eastern Long Island.

On a quarter to a half acre of well-kept land are center-hall colonials, ranches, and extended farm homes. There are several dismantlings going on. We have a lot of homes coming up, Koblenz said, adding that some 40 applications are now being reviewed. The most typical style of new building in the United States is houses with gambrel roofs.

Glen Cove Road, the primary north-south highway, is dotted with small commercial malls and office buildings. Live music and dancing are featured at Antonette's Italian restaurant. On the northern edge of the hamlet, Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center, an office and industrial complex, and two auto dealerships are separated by Northern Boulevard.


Predictions Regarding The Total Budget

52 homes are up for sale in the area this year, ranging from a 1930s cottage with three bedrooms and two bathrooms for $775,000 to a brand-new $3.2 million five-bedroom, two-story gabled home on 0.4 acres.

According to information given by a Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty representative based on information from the Long Island Multiple Listing Service, this year's average selling price decreased by 8% from last year's $1,043,750. (MLS). As far as he could tell, he saw little in the way of stock.

According to Ms. Cohen, a Laffey real estate agent, homes priced between $700,000 and $1 million are in high demand.

Regarding the current state of the property market in Manhattan and elsewhere on Long Island, Mr. Orent said, "Buy a million or lower house and refurbish."

According to an associate broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, new construction dominates the high-end real estate market. She estimates that a good home on land would cost between $2.8 and $3 million. The most expensive areas include Country Estates, Lakeville Estates, and Nob Hill. The average price of a new house is close to $2 million in Strathmore and Norgate, while it drops to $1.7 million in Fairfield Park.


Choosing A Tone

In least once a month, a school psychologist brings her kids to the Village Theater at East Hills Park for exclusive birthday festivities with DJs and balloon artists.

A family relocates from Manhattan to a large ranch with a four-year-old, and they enroll their children in gymnastics, tap, ballet, and swimming lessons at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center every week.

Visit the little strip mall bistro-style takeout restaurant Kitchen Kabaret when you're in the middle of nowhere and need something fast and satisfying.

For those searching for a night out, Roslyn's Kyma Village, Hendrick's Tavern, and a multiplex theater are all close by and provide a variety of alternatives. The only thing we need, according to Mr. Orent, are shopping centers and sizable stores. Roosevelt Field's mall and big-box businesses are seven minutes distant from Jones Beach.

There are 3,139 students enrolled in the Schools East Hills, which is a part of the Roslyn Union Free School District. The Heights School, which serves prekindergarten, kindergarten, and younger students, is attended by more than half of the district's first-graders. East Hills and Harbor Hill both have elementary and secondary schools. Roslyn Middle School serves students in grades six through eight, while Roslyn High School teaches students in grades nine through twelve.

SAT reading, math, and writing average scores nationally were 586, 617, and 592 in 2016, compared to 489, 501, and 477 for New York State.

According to estimates, almost all high school graduates will continue their education by enrolling in a four-year college or university.

Although the majority attend the Jericho schools, students from East Hills attend the 1,735-student East Williston schools.

Riders on the Oyster Bay branch of the Long Island Rail Road departed Roslyn at 7:42 a.m. for the Jamaica station and arrived at Penn Station 50 minutes later. The cost of the service is $297 per month. The Long Island Expressway may take 35 minutes to an hour to get to Midtown Manhattan's commercial center, depending on traffic.


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The Red Ground residential neighborhood, four farms, and Clarence Mackay's 648-acre rural estate predominated the region in the early decades of the 20th century. Residents of East Hills, who feared higher taxes as a result of Roslyn's incorporation plans, formed a cooperative and established their own town in 1931.

The Park at East Hills, which first opened its doors in 2006, took the site of the Roslyn Air National Guard Station. Koblenz and the US Air Force agreed to a $3 million agreement in 2000 to purchase the park's land, which had previously belonged to the town hall.