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What are the 4 types of claims adjusters please list them?

Sep 10

Insurance adjusters are employed to handle claims. However, not all adjusters do the same job. There are many types of adjusters. They work for the insurance company or the policyholder. Knowing which type of adjuster does what function is crucial so you can understand their role in claims. Understanding the differences between adjusters is essential to identifying who is responsible for your claim.

Staff Adjuster

An insurance company's staff adjuster is a salaried full-time employee. Their role is to evaluate and settle claims. There are two types: field adjusters and desk adjusters.

Desk Adjuster

Desk adjusters can essentially sit at a desk anywhere worldwide to process claims. Suppose a storm damaged a section of your fence. To file a claim, you would contact your insurance company. A desk adjuster would ask you several questions to determine the extent of the damage. They might also ask you to send photographs of the damaged section of the fence. The desk adjuster will then evaluate the claim and try to resolve it from the inside.

Field Adjuster

A field adjuster is summoned to help with a claim submitted by a desk administrator. Field adjusters visit a field site to assess the damage. Suppose that wind-driven rain caused flooding damage after the storm ripped down a portion of your fence. The flooring damage was visible from the living room window. It also went down a hallway and into an office. A part of a bedroom was affected. 

The desk adjuster wouldn't be able to determine the extent of damage and the necessary repairs over the telephone, so that the desk adjuster would forward the claim to a field adjuster. Staff adjusters tend to have a set schedule and stay in one place. Some staff travel quite a lot depending on their job.

Independent Adjusters

An insurance company may contract with independent adjusters. These adjusters are often employed by an independent firm that adjusts claims and can be called upon when additional help is required. To expedite claims, independent adjusters can be hired. This is especially true during severe weather events like hurricanes and hail storms. Independent insurance adjusters are only permitted to work for an insurance company. They never represent the homeowner.

Public Adjusters

Public adjusters az can work as independent contractors or for an insurance company. They work exclusively for the policyholder, not the insurance company's staff or independent adjusters. Both Public Adjusters and independent adjusters work on a contractual basis.

When you file a claim with insurance companies, you will be assigned a staff member or an independent adjuster. The staff member or independent adjuster will assess the damage using various methods and determine whether your policy covers it. They work for the insurance company. A Public Adjuster will only work on your behalf to ensure that you receive top dollar for your claim.

A Public Adjuster can also inspect reports and examine the damaged property. They will also review your policy's specific language. Your claim will be more straightforward if you have someone to help you. Public Adjusters receive a commission because they work for the policyholder. They will typically collect a portion of the final settlement amount, determined before starting a contract. Licenses are required for Public Adjusters in many states.

People often use "independent for the public" when referring to an adjuster. It is essential to understand the role of your adjuster.