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What kind of adjuster makes the most money?

Sep 10

Insurance Adjuster jobs that pay well can earn up to $114,000 annually.

An Insurance Adjuster (also known as a Claims Assessor) is a professional that evaluates all types of insurance claims. Depending on the policy and the circumstances, they decide whether each claim should be paid and how much. This is done by talking with the person who filed the claim, assessing the damages, talking with witnesses, and reading official reports. The adjuster will usually visit you in person to talk with you and take photos of the damage.

All insurance companies employ Insurance Adjusters, including auto, home, health, and auto. The demand for Insurance Adjuster jobs is not growing. This field will see a relatively flat growth rate over the next ten years, possibly dropping 1%.

High-paying Jobs as an Insurance Adjuster

General Adjuster

  • Salary Range: $43,000-$114,000/year
  • General adjusters are insurance professionals who analyze incidents to determine the financial responsibility of an insurance company. Your duties as a general adjuster include investigating the damage to property and other aspects of insurance claims. The general adjuster assesses the incident's circumstances and determines the repair costs. You may need to interview law enforcement personnel, eyewitnesses, and medical professionals to investigate claims thoroughly. You will need to have experience in investigative research and excellent interpersonal skills.

Field Adjuster

  • Salary Range: $53,500-81,000 per Year
  • An insurance company's field adjuster (or field claims adjuster) is responsible for assessing the damage from an insurance claim. They also decide how much compensation should be paid. Field adjusters are required to travel with claimants and inspect the claim. You may also verify that a valid insurance policy covers the claimant. Then, you will investigate the events and any injuries. This job also involves working with law enforcement and lawyers to verify a case's validity and determine if damages should be paid.

Damage Assessor

  • Salary Range: $37,000 - $79,000 per Year
  • A damage assessor is responsible for inspecting properties and estimating the cost of repairs. For example, a storm damage assessor might travel to a location after a natural disaster to inspect the home or building of an insurance client and assess the damage caused by the storm. You might be asked to interview the property owner and then investigate their possessions to determine if the storm caused the damage. Insurance companies refer to damage assessors as "claims adjusters".

Property Claims Adjuster

  • Salary Range: $57.500-$76,000/year
  • The property claims adjuster is an expert insurance inspector who inspects property damage such as flood or wind damage to commercial or residential buildings and determines how much the insurance company should pay. Your responsibilities as a property claims adjuster include interviewing policyholders and other witnesses, investigating the damage and analyzing other records. To determine the extent of a claim, you may consult engineers or lawyers. Then you write a report that is passed on to an examiner. This examiner will approve or deny any claims.

Casualty Assister

  • Salary Range: $47.500-$72,000/year
  • The average salary for Casualty Adjusters in the United States is between $47,500 (25th%) and $72,000 (7th%) annually. This modest range of salaries indicates that the pay for this job will remain consistent regardless of skill level, experience and location, although there is potential to advance. According to ZipRecruiter, a moderately active job market exists for Casualty Adjusters. Many companies are hiring.

Independent Insurance Adjuster

  • Salary Range: $50,000 - $69,000 per Year

  • Independent Insurance Adjusters manage and investigate claims that are submitted to insurers. Claims can cover many areas, such as property damage, loss, and workers' compensation. Independent Insurance Adjusters work for themselves, and insurance companies hire them as needed. Independent Insurance Adjusters review all documentation and evidence regarding the claim and interview all parties to determine the validity of the request. After the case has been thoroughly analyzed, the adjuster will make recommendations to settle the matter.