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How to fold and unfold an electric scooter?

Oct 9

How to fold an electric scooter?

These are the steps for folding most electric scooters. These steps will work well if you have a Razor electric scooter. SPEEDSPRO vary these steps for different models and manufacturers depending on what type of scooter you have. The manual included with scooters may provide more assistance.

1. How to get into the position

To fold the scooter, place it on the ground. Then use one foot to walk on it. The locking mechanism can then be released by stabilizing the scooter.

After aligning your foot perfectly between the deck's wheels, push the scooter down gently while stabilizing the handlebars. This will stop the scooter from moving forward or back. It is essential to assemble the scooter before you release the locking mechanism to fold it. If you're not an experienced operator, it is much easier.

The stem's folding handlebar is designed to keep your body parts from getting stuck in the stem. Protecting your fingers from getting caught in the release or pushing down would be best.

2. Press the Release Button

Once you have achieved stability on the deck, press the release buttons. These buttons can be found on the handles. Different electric scooter models may have different locations for the release button.

The release button is located on the backside of the handlebar. The buttons will be easier to locate if you're standing on an electric scooter. Pushing the buttons at once is easier.

After pushing the release button on one side, remove the grip from the scooter. Next, press the button on your opposite side to release the second grip. This is not a universal method for electric scooters. Most models can fold without having to remove the handlebar grips.

3. Open the Clasp

You will need to take out the clasp located near the steering column. It's easier to locate it because it's located near the point where the handlebar stem connects to the electric scooter's deck.

Look for the circular piece of metal in the middle. Once you have located the clasp, please remove it from the scooter. To find the position of the clasp on your electric scooter, it is a good idea to consult the manual that came with the purchase.

4. Pushing down the steering column

Release the clasp and push the steering column down to the other end. Because the clasp monitors the movement, this adjustability is possible.

You will need to lower the handlebars. Push it down with one hand, and then grip and control the steering column with your other hand. The steering column will now disappear and be found in the middle of the scooter. 

Adjust the clasp to its original location to keep the column in its desired position.

5. Flipping the Scooter

Turn the scooter upside down and get off it. Keep your eye on the steering column to prevent it from getting loose. The electric scooter will not fold in the preferred position if it becomes loose.

Depending on your preference, the scooter can be held upside down on your body or against the floor. Maintain a firm grip on the handlebars, and then push the steering column in. Keep your grip on the handlebars while you flip the scooter.

6. Folding to the Desired Place

Locate the join-release lever near the front wheel and your steering column. Push the lever and hold the steering column with the other. The locking mechanism will be activated by flipping the lever over to the opposite side.

The locking mechanism engages, and the scooter folds to its original shape. You don't need to do anything if the scooter is upside down. Gravity will take care of the folding and locking. Some electric scooters allow you to move the steering column closer to the footpad or deck to achieve a compactor shape.

How to Unfold an Electric Scooter

The folding process can be reversed to unfold the scooter quickly. It is essential to be careful as it can cause damage to the scooter. The steps will vary depending on the model of your electric scooter. These steps will help you to unroll an electric scooter.

1. Hold the Stem of Handlebars

Hold the stem of your electric scooter in one hand. Ensure you grip it well so that nothing is damaged when unfolding the scooter. Avoid getting your hands caught in the parts that are being unfolded.

2. Release the Step Lock

Most electric scooters have a locking mechanism that allows the stem to be locked with the deck by attaching a clip or hook. You should release the lock before you move on to the next step. Otherwise, it could cause damage.

3. Keep your foot on the ground

Push the scooter down using your foot. Next, gently move the stem upwards with your hands. You can adjust the force to suit your needs. Don't apply any pressure.

The electric scooters are delicate machines, and any additional force could permanently damage any part. Extreme caution is required when using an electric scooter.

4. Let go of the lever

Release the level, and then get the scooter upright. Folding and unfolding an electric scooter takes some practice and knowledge. Once you become comfortable with it, the difficult part will fade away.