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How to Fixto Huawei Phone Battery Drain and Overheating Issues

Mar 15

We've come across a few articles and conversations on the web about issues people have been having with their recent Huawei phones. The primary problem we were made aware of was battery draining and overheating, so we've compiled some advice to help you out.

We understand why nobody wants to be behind the times when it comes to modern technology. After all, electronics have become so essential in our day to day lives that they have transcended Trends and Fads. Everyone wants to stay in the loop and up to date, no matter what phase they're at in life - college or work.  

In today's world there are many manufacturers who create mobile phones at an affordable cost which explains why they are seen everywhere nowadays. But most don't take into account that since these devices are cheaper than their “premium” counterparts, their materials might not be of equal quality. Meaningful brands use high-grade parts for production which is why their products last for much longer.

Several individuals have purchased Huawei phones, and many of them have complained about Huawei battery and charging issues. Regular heating is not a problem; after all, smartphones are electronic equipment; but, if you have this issue frequently and believe that your phone is overheating and may cause damage or danger to you, this can be cause for concern.

We've highlighted the most frequent things you can do with your Huawei phone, or any other Android device that's causing overheating and power drain. The first and most important thing to look for is the location where the phone is heating up. This can help you narrow down your problem and determine why your phone is heating up and why you are having so many problems with your Huawei battery.

Is the back of your phone getting hot?

Huawei battery issues

If the back of your cell phone is heating up, you must recognize that the problem is not with your Huawei phone, but with Huawei battery troubles. This type of event occurs when your phone's battery becomes broken or outdated. You will also encounter this problem when charging your phone with another charger. Try charging your phone using the original and Huawei suggested chargers to see if the problem persists.

Thus, while the back of your phone is heating up, you should look into all of these things.

Is the bottom of your phone getting hot?

Is your phone overheating from the bottom, where you plug in the charger? Is your phone getting hot when you charge it? If this is the case, you must recognize that the problem is with the charger. Maybe your Huawei charger has failed or you are using a different charger. To resolve the Huawei charging issue, you must replace your Huawei charger; if this is not possible, you must obtain a new and suggested charger for your phone.

Is your Huawei Phone overheating from the top back compartment?

If your Huawei phone is heating up from the top rear region, you've probably realized it's not a battery problem. There could be a problem with the speaker or screen. Hence, in order to correct such issues, please read the following points.

If the phone is becoming hot from the speaker,

If you recognize the heating component as the speaker (the portion you hold over your ears while chatting on the phone), you must understand that it is not simply a serious concern. Nonetheless, it may cause hearing impairment. This issue persists when your phone's speaker fails. As a result, you must rush to an authorized Huawei service center to have it repaired.

If your phone's screen is getting hot,

If the screen or display of your Huawei phone is heating up and sometimes appears to have reached very high temperatures, you may easily determine that the problem is limited to your Huawei phone. As a result, you must heed the instructions given below.

Troubleshooting Huawei Phone Overheating and Battery Draining

So you've narrowed down the source of the problem and discovered that it's not the battery or charger, but the phone itself. To correct it, you must follow the instructions outlined below.

Minimize Battery Drain with a Third-Party App

Using a third-party app to reduce battery drain on your smartphone is always a good idea. Greenify will be introduced to you here. Many Android phone users adore Greenify, which was named Lifehacker's Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Applications. Greenify enables you to detect and disable apps that you are no longer using, preventing them from slowing your device and draining the battery. With no programs operating in the background, your Huawei battery life will undoubtedly improve.

Make your phone more visible.

The first and most important thing you must do is free up space on your Huawei phone. You must delete any apps and data that are no longer useful to you. This will lighten up your phone and its processor, requiring your phone to exert less effort, which will aid in the resolution of Huawei battery difficulties and overheating issues.

Without a question, Android phones are fantastic, and we can rely on them for our daily tasks. When we go somewhere, we take numerous pictures and movies, but we don't have time to pick the best ones and delete the others, thus these pictures and videos not only eat up storage space, but also processor speed. As a result, it is preferable that you clear them.

Modify your phone's settings to increase battery life.

To reduce battery drain, turn off the location service. You may also enhance battery life by adjusting the GPS settings. You'll find three options under Settings > Location > Mode. High Accuracy, which combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and the mobile network to establish your location, consuming a lot of power in the process; Battery Saving, which, as the name implies, decreases battery drain. Change the settings to the Battery Saving option.

You can experiment with another setting. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services. Here, press the Clear Cache button. This will update Google Play Service and prevent the cache from consuming your battery.

Heavy sports

Android has a massive game library with far too many games. New games are being released on a daily basis. Having games on your Huawei phone is not a terrible thing, but you should uninstall any games that you do not use. You must keep in mind that the more space you consume, the more battery draining issues you may encounter. Several games require resources from your phone, such as data connection and other sensors; these games are a major cause of battery depletion and overheating. Users of iPhone are also affected.

Use a nice phone cover/case.

We understand that you like your Huawei phone and use cases and covers to protect it from scratches and dust, but proper ventilation is critical.

Generally, the covers we buy at low prices are of poor quality and have nothing to do with ventilation, thus you should choose cases made expressly for your Huawei phone from Huawei.